10,000 Pencils Delivered to Schools

This summer, because of the effort of our volunteers and the generous donations from our sponsors, we were able to deliver 10,000 pencils to children in need. We were able to reach the most unprivileged areas and provide local schools with this vital tool for education.

Published by Ms. Kate Sinclaire

Kate makes porn that everyone can see themselves in, in ways that make people feel empowered, with people that inspire the fuck out of her. Kate has spoken at the University of Manitoba, Playground Conference (Toronto), Catalyst Con (Chicago), Gender Fest Winnipeg, and has been featured in publications like the Globe and Mail, Winnipeg Free Press, numerous podcasts, radio and television programs. She studied sociology and philosophy at the University of Manitoba. She is a porn literacy advocate and general fucking badass. cherrystems.com and cinesinclaire.com are the ones. Kate lives, loves, gardens, and does her work in the best damn city, Winnipeg, Manitoba. In Canada. Ok?

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